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AskGoLaurens: The Ridge at Laurens

Jun 29 Written by 

AskGoLaurens: Can you ask Jason Pridgen to tell us about some of the features and activities that will be housed in the new recreation center in Laurens? Is it still on schedule for completion December 2015? Will The Ridge have any full-time employment positions available when it is completed?

What we found out: The new City of Laurens $3.3 million recreation center, named The Ridge at Laurens, is currently under construction. The building, located along Exchange Drive in Laurens beside the Laurens Villa Apartments, has an expected completion date of Dec. 1, 2015.

The current plans for the facility include youth basketball and volleyball, camps and rentals for birthday parties, weddings, meetings, family reunions, etc. It will also be a place for the Laurens Parks and Recreation Department to call home.

According to Parks and Recreation Director Jason Pridgen, there will be some employment opportunities coming with the new facility, however, whether they will be full-time or part-time is still up in the air.


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