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AskGoLaurens: Was the original Laurens Hospital located on Chestnut Street?

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AskGoLaurens: Was the original Laurens Hospital the big odd shaped house on Chestnut Street?

What we found out: The odd shaped house on Chestnut Street was the first registered hospital in Laurens County and was organized in 1911. The hospital then moved in 1914 to a home known as the Irby Home located between South Harper Street and Irby Avenue Extension.

Due to the fact that the Irby House Hospital did not have an elevator, patients were carried up and down the stairs by hand. The Irby House Hospital later became a satellite of the Mary Black Sanitarium, and as a result Dr. Hugh Black traveled from Spartanburg to Laurens whenever a patient required an operation.

Black eventually decided to give up the hospital, and a board of trustees was formed to operate the hospital as a community venture up until 1932 when lacking funds forced the board of trustees to turn the Irby House Hospital over to local physicians.

In 1933, Laurens County voted on a bond issue to build a brand new hospital using public funds and on Jan. 1, 1937, the two-story hospital (now Agape Senior), built on Farley Avenue, opened. The Laurens Hospital had only 29 beds.

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