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AskGoLaurens: How is the Main Street Laurens board appointed?

Sep 30 Written by 

AskGoLaurens: Now that everybody in the City is paying taxes to support Main Street Laurens, will City Council appoint the MSL Board?

What we found out: According to MSL Director Jonathan Irick, the MSL board members will still be appointed as usual, which is via a MSL Nomination Committee.

The MSL Board is made up of 16 members. Laurens County, the City of Laurens, and the CPW all have permanent seats on the board. In addition, Irick said they try to always have a representative from a local bank as well as the City of Laurens Preservation Commission.

The remaining 11 seats are open on a rotating basis. Each term is three years. Board members may serve additional terms but they must be off of the board an entire year before being eligible to come back on.

Irick added that the recently passed $20 fee on every parcel of property in the City of Laurens would not effect how MSL board members are selected. The fee is simply the City’s funding mechanism for the board. Main Street Laurens is a separate non-profit organization.

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