Ask GoLaurens: Is there a schedule for brush/leaf pickup in the City of Laurens?

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AskGoLaurens:Is there a schedule for brush/leaf pickup in the City of Laurens? I've noticed in many areas around Laurens there have been brush/leaves sitting in yards and secondary roads that have been there for at least 3 weeks.

What we found out: The City of Laurens is currently running one leaf truck and now is their busiest time of the year with leaves, according to Kerwin Tribble, director of streets and sanitation.

The leaf truck runs the same schedule that the trash trucks used to run.  

Tribble drives through the streets of Laurens pinpointing homes that have leaves to be picked up. The leaf truck then follows the route that Tribble pinpoints until they complete that route.
According to Tribble, it can take up to three days for the leaf truck to collect what he pinpoints in a day. Last Monday, Tribble said he pinpointed 128 pickups for the leaf truck.

A second leaf truck will be back in operation for the city in about a week and that should speed up leaf collection.

Both leaf trucks operate a vacuum to pick up leaves so Tribble requests that residents separate their brush by the road so that leaves are in a separate pile. 

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