AskGoLaurens: Why are the fees listed on county tax notices not categorized?

Dec 06 Written by 

AskGoLaurens: Why are the fees listed on Laurens County Tax Notices not categorized? I know the $20.00 fee is for Main Street Laurens, what is the other fee for? They should be listed as to what they are for instead of just listed as fees.

What we found out: The $20 fee is for Main Street Laurens per improved parcel of real property. This fee goes directly to the operating budget of Main Street Laurens. 

The other $60 fee is a landfill fee per household, according to the Laurens County Auditor's Office. This fee is assessed to every county household.

Deputy Auditor Jewel Hollingsworth said the fees may change each year and there is not enough room on the current billing system to breakdown the fees. 

Last modified on Sunday, 06 December 2015 22:12
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