AskGoLaurens: Is there a place in Laurens County that recycles tin cans and glass?

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AskGoLaurens: Is there a place in Laurens County that recycles tin cans and glass?

What we found out: The City of Laurens Recycle Center does not accept glass, but the City of Clinton's Recycle Center and Laurens County Recycling & Collections do recycle glass. No one intentionally recycles tin cans, because it is not cost effective, but the City of Clinton's Recycle Center has a container designated for tin cans and Laurens County includes cans with scrap metal.  

City of Laurens

The Laurens Recycle Center located on 124 Caroline Street (off of Church Street, behind Sharon's Flower Shop) currently accepts aluminum cans, paper, cardboard and plastic, according to City of Laurens Recycling Coordinator Kerwin Tribble.

Tribble also said that the reason the Recycle Center does not take glass is because they could not find a local vendor. Sonoco Recycling is the current vendor and they only accept aluminum, paper, cardboard, paperboard and plastic. This company does not accept glass or tin cans. For more info on Sonoco Recycling, go to

City of Clinton

While the City of Laurens' Recycling Center does not accept glass, the City of Clinton's Recycling Center does accept clear glass and has recently changed their policy to accept all colored (brown, blue and green) glass, according to Christopher Sparkman, City of Clinton's Division Manager of Street & Sanitation and Parks & Recreation. 

The Center is located at 1219 Gary Street in the same complex as their office. This site is open 24/7/365. 

Sparkman said Laurens County Recycling & Collections picks up some of the containers for Clinton. 

According to Sparkman, the City of Clinton has a container designated for tin cans, although the tin cans are not recycled, because it is not cost effective. Tin cans are currently bringing about three cents a pound at the scrap yard.  

“If anyone wants to recycle tin cans, they can be taken to M&M Scrap Metal, located at 12805 SC-101 in Gray Court,” said Sparkman.  

Individuals must obtain a permit to take tin cans or scrap metal to a scrap yard. This can be obtained at the Laurens County Sheriff's Office on West Main Street. A valid I.D. such as a driver's license or a state I.D. is required. The permit is free and expires on your birthday. 

For more info concerning where to recycle in Laurens County visit:

Laurens County

Laurens County Recycling and Disposal Centers take glass, according to Cathy Holbert, Laurens County Recycling & Collections foreman. 

Laurens County recycling coordinator Chris Gurga said, " We are doing a service to the environment by recycling. This isn't about making money for a county this size, but rather a service to the environment. We just hope to break even when we pick up containers and take them to a recycling facility." 

According to Gurga, Laurens County does business locally with Wilson's Recycling, located at 155 Rocky Springs Church Road in Laurens. Wilson's Recycling is near the Laurens County Airport, just off Torrington Road. Gurga said he includes the tin cans with scrap metal when possible. 

Laurens County has 10 staffed drop-off sites located throughout the county. These drop-off sites are closed on Wednesdays. For more info and hours of operation, 

Laurens County Drop-Off Sites:

2204 Wattsbridge Road, Cross Hill

8641 Hwy. 252, Boyd's Mill Dam

1005 Sweetbriar Road, Green Pond

684 Webb Road, Gray Court

1171 Sullivan Road, Fountain Inn

1474 Whitmire Highway, Joanna

Lydia Mill, 719 Charlotte's Road, Clinton

1150 Rabbit Run Road, Landford

296 Riverfork Road, Waterloo

Landfill, 430 Landfill Road

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