AskGoLaurens: What happened to all of the pretty flowers around the square?

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AskGoLaurens: What happened to all the pretty flowers around the square? It used to look so pretty now it looks so bare.

What we found out: It’s not a matter of budget, rather a colorful balance throughout the year.

The City of Laurens is trying to establish a hardy structure and more permanent landscape downtown and around the historic square.  The city has planted Spreading Japanese Plum Yews, which are evergreen shrubs that take about four years to get established, according to City Administrator Gary Coleman. 

“We are trying to reach a balance and plant seasonal flowers throughout the year. We had a Halloween display of mums around the fountain this fall and we still have hanging baskets around the square,” Coleman explained.

The evergreens can withstand direct sunlight and are tolerant to heat and humidity.  

The landscaping plan is to plant seasonal flowers in the corners, such as pansies and kale in the winter, daffodils in the spring, and mums in the fall. Knockout roses have also been planted in the corners for a splash of color in the summertime.  

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