Arrest Report for May 19

Editor's Note: The following information is compiled from arrests records from the Laurens Police Department, Clinton Public Safety, Laurens County Sheriff's Office and the Johnson Detention Center. This information is presented with no intent of guilt or innocence.


Jonathan Adams – Clinton

-Pedestrian under the influence of alcohol

- Support, obligation to support spouse and children


Uriel Rogo – Laurens

-Reckless driving

-Driving without a license


Donald Culbertson – Laurens

-Driving under suspension

-Possession of drug paraphernalia


Shauna Miner – Laurens

-Unlawful to advertise for sale, manufacture, possess, sell, etc. paraphernalia

-Manuf., poss. of other sub. in Sch. I, II, III or flunitrazepam or analogue, w.i.t.d. - 1st offense

-Distribute, sell, manuf. or pwid, of cont. sub., near school


Jeremy Patterson – Clinton

-Domestic violence


Zachary Strange – Gray Court

-Assault and battery

-Simple larceny


John Wright – Laurens

-Domestic violence