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This Pet of the Week for GoClinton is a young female, short-haired, dog. She is very friendly and playful. She has a beautiful face with distinctive white and black markings. 

The 2013 Clinton Red Devils football team tried on their game jerseys for the first time Thursday, outside the locker room at Clinton High School.

The Clinton Rotary Club may be smaller than its neighboring counterparts, but its members still aim to leave a big footprint of volunteerism. Nonetheless, since his term as club president started in July, Chuck Holder has made one of his primary goals to recruit new members in order for both the club’s roster and reach to grow.

Although still in the beginning stage of the project, the City of Clinton took an important step this week in the impending overhaul of the Martha Dendy facility.

Lengthy discussions by the District 56 Board of Trustees and administrators on Monday led to the board giving first reading approval to the sale and issuance of $3.2 million in bonds for two major projects. Board members had differing views on how to outline the scope of the intended plans in the resolution but were able to take the first step in financing the cost.

I'm the Laurens County Animal Control Pet of the Week for GoClinton. I look a bit scared in this picture, but I'm not sure if I like the flash on the camera and it is very noisy here. I'm very sweet and friendly and would love to go home with someone soon. I am a small but full grown, male, Spaniel mix. 

The new school year is nearly upon us, and District 56 asks parents and students to take note of the following dates.

Broad Street United Methodist Church invites area children to an evening of fun and games this week.

No pads were clacked, no sleds were driven, no dummies were hit but the coaches’ whistles still pierced the muggy summer air to signal football practice had returned to Clinton.

Instructors and administrators at District 56 receive a myriad of test scores and growth data annually that they must translate into improved performance the next term. For the second year in a row, one such assessment was given in a letter grade format.