Thursday, September 18th


LCSO discovers one of SC's largest ever meth labs

In what is being called one of the largest meth lab busts ever in South Carolina, the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Fountain Inn husband and wife on Thursday for operating a “huge” meth lab in their home.


Randall and Tracy King, of Meadowland Drive, have been charged with manufacturing meth, possession with intent to distribute meth and unlawful disposal of meth waste.


“The size of this lab is ridiculous,” said Lt. Ben Blackmon of the LCSO. “It (meth) is everywhere. Evidently, it’s been going on for a while and they have been making a lot of it.”


According to Blackmon, the LCSO has been gathering information on this lab for a while and with the help of the Woodruff Police Department’s Canine Unit, served a search warrant at the house at approximately 3:00 pm on Thursday. While searching the home, Blackmon said deputies quickly discovered the “shake and bake” type of meth lab.


While there are several ways to make meth, Blackmon said the easiest way was the “shake and bake” method which he said is simpler and quicker than traditional labs. He said this method could produce a finished product in just two hours as compared to other methods which take 12 or more hours to make the drug.


“It’s more common because it’s quicker and no special equipment is needed,” said Blackmon. “You can do this with a soda bottle and a few ingredients and turn out meth in a couple of hours to use and sell.”


Blackmon said the LCSO was still on the scene at 10:00 pm searching the residence and clean-up crews would be there all night dismantling the lab. He also said that investigators do not have any numbers as to how much meth was confiscated at this time, but said those numbers could have been even bigger as a large cache of materials was found that had not yet been used.


Randall and Tracy King are currently being held at Johnson Detention Center and their two minor children have been placed in the custody of the Department of Social Services.







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