Wednesday, September 17th

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Man convicted in 2013 shooting, sentenced to 15 years

Eighth Circuit Solicitor David Stumbo announced that a Greenwood County jury has returned a verdict of guilty against a man who instigated a gun shootout in a parking lot on Phoenix Street in Greenwood. 

Midrevious Brown, 22, was convicted of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, a lesser included offense of the indicted offense of attempted murder, and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime following several hours of jury deliberation on Thursday afternoon.  

On Friday morning, Circuit Judge Donald Hocker sentenced Brown to fifteen years in state prison, out of a possible twenty-five year maximum.

The victim was driving by a barber shop on Phoenix Street when he was flagged down by Brown. A verbal altercation ensued in the parking lot before Brown attempted to kill the victim by firing a handgun into the victim’s vehicle.  

The altercation was over allegations that Brown had stolen money from a relative of the victim. The victim returned fire with a .380 pistol in defense as he drove from the scene. The victim immediately called 911 when he arrived at Phoenix Place Apartments to report the incident.

Eighth Circuit Assistant Solicitors Shannon Odom and Elizabeth White argued the case to the jury for the State. During the sentencing hearing, officers and violent crimes investigators of the Greenwood City Police Department joined the Solicitor’s request for a substantial prison sentence, citing the spike of violent crimes in the Greenwood area in recent months. Because he was convicted of an offense classified as violent and serious under South Carolina law, Brown must serve 85% of his sentence before he is released.

“My office will continue to vigorously fight alongside our law enforcement officers to counter the violence that is tearing at the fabric of our communities in Greenwood,” said Solicitor Stumbo. “A message has been sent today that settling disputes with gunfire and putting our citizens at risk will not be tolerated. In spite of the obstacles and difficulties that my prosecutors faced in this case, convicting a repeat, violent criminal like Midrevious Brown is a clear victory for our public servants in the law enforcement community and the people of Greenwood.”




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