Repairs to East Main St. railroad crossing begin Monday

Jun 18 Written by  Staff Reports

Plans to improve the East Main Street railroad crossing are now back on. 

A sign was posted a few days ago saying that the crossing will be closed from June 20 to June 26.

Improvement plans were scheduled to begin in December before an issue with contractor scheduling caused work to not begin as planned. Once that date was not met, Carolina Piedmont Railroad pulled funding for the project.

Currently two railroad companies have rails at the East Main Street crossing. CSX has one rail and Carolina Piedmont Railroad has three rails.

The one CSX rail is the highest rail at the crossing.

The original plans for the project include removing all of the Carolina Piedmont Railroad rails at the crossing. The plan is to elevate the rails as much as possible with new rails and new ties.

“We can’t elevate it a lot but it should make the transition smoother,” said Yurgen Harter, director of operations for Carolina Piedmont Railroad.

Two rails will go back in place and the third rail, that has not been in operation for some time, will be removed.

Last modified on Saturday, 18 June 2016 23:41