Laurens City Council questions museum board on use of local contractors

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The Laurens County Museum Association (LCMA) is requesting $10,000 from the City of Laurens and on Tuesday night, Laurens City Council had some questions.

In a budget workshop last week, the request for funding by the LCMA was brought before city council. Some council members had questions about the funding because they understood that the LCMA was not using local contractors to do work on the new museum on West Main Street in Laurens.

The LCMA is in the process of moving their location from Laurens Street to the historic square. Funding is being sought through donations and grants to renovate the new museum location so that it can house displays and artifacts.  

LCMA board member Ernie Segars spoke to council on Tuesday night regarding the funding request and the use of local contractors.

“We want to thank the city for the financial assistance in the past,” said Segars. “We take funds as they come in and use them for renovations.”

Segars said that the vast majority of the work has been done by Laurens County contractors.

Councilman Martin Lowry was the most vocal in the meeting with questions for Segars and other board members in attendance.

“I want to know that money will be spent in this county,” said Lowry. “We’ve got to take care of our own.”

Segars said that he had a list of contractors used on the museum project that he would provide to council. He said that most were from Laurens County but that some were not.

“We want to be accountable too,” said Segars.

Mayor John Stankus was the last to comment on the discussion. Stankus said that he supported the LCMA and he supported that funding staying in the budget. He also stated that he would be in favor of putting a stipulation on the funding that it only be used to buy materials in Laurens County and to use contractors from Laurens County. 

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