Food truck lot coming to downtown Laurens

Aug 17 Written by 

The success of food trucks in Laurens has put a plan in motion to open a food truck lot in downtown Laurens.

The City of Laurens and Main Street Laurens recently announced a plan for the initial launch of a food truck lot. The location of the food truck lot will be in the same parking lot used by food trucks now, near Verdin’s Too, but closer to the former Two Blondes Consignment Shop.

The food truck lot will initially be setup for four food trucks with a central hookup for power and water. Laurens CPW will provide underground power to the utility hookup. The City of Laurens will provide water and power for the food trucks.

“The city will provide the power and water for now and see how it goes,” said Laurens city administrator Gary Coleman. “We might have to redo our food truck ordinance and add a fee if we find out someone is using a lot of power.”

Currently there is no fee for a food truck to operate in the City of Laurens. Food trucks have to acquire a business license from the city and be approved by the SC Dept. of Health and Environmental Control.

The plans for the food truck lot call for additional parking, paving, picnic tables and seating.

“Before we add seating and parking, we want to make sure that this works,” said Coleman. “We are trying to get something started.”

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