LDHS teacher implements initiative to foster a positive, supportive classroom

Sep 10 Written by  STAFF REPORTS

A teacher at Laurens District High School has implemented the L.D.H.S. (Learning Develops High Self-esteem) Initiative to foster a positive and supportive classroom atmosphere.

Every day, every class has a “student of the day”. That student’s name is randomly selected, and they get their name on a miniature marquee, calls on classmates for selected readings, and shoots to make 3 out of 7 goals on a classroom basketball hoop while students clap on the makes as well as the misses, again…for positive support.

JD Huff’s class has been doing that along with having a student of the month, but this year he wanted to incorporate local businesses so that the students could see how much Laurens companies support their academic success. This would also allow Laurens companies to be aware of the hard work students put forth in the classroom that could potentially translate to the hard work they could do as potential employees in the community.

Students use their cell phones to enter the name of a classmate who gets their vote as student of the month. It is open to every student and is completely decided by their peers.

“Social media can do more harm than good for some adolescents, but gaining the admiration and support of their peers by being voted as student of the month can boost their self-esteem and make others aspire to get that recognition more than a couple hundred likes from strangers on Facebook ever could,” said Huff.

Recent winners are:

Chris Harvey - winner of 2 free haircuts from Foggie’s Barbershop, courtesy of barber Gerald Foggie.

Q Dunn - winner of a free month’s membership to the Laurens Family YMCA, courtesy of CEO Brian Harlan and Marketing and Program Development Coordinator Emily Dasher.

Lauryn Turner - winner of 3 free meal combos and 3 free desserts from Chick-fil-A, courtesy of Owner/Operator Marshall Davis III.

“I’d like to thank Gerald Foggie and Foggie’s Barbershop, both Brian Harlan and Emily Dasher of the Laurens Family YMCA, and Marshall Davis III with Chick-fil-A of Laurens for their appreciated support of the L.D.H.S. Initiative as well as their gracious donations to the students of the month,” said Huff. “I’d also like to mention that Davis was so kind to provide a free breakfast item to every student in my first period class.”

Pictured from left to right: Marshall Davis III, Lauryn Turner, Emily Dasher, Q Dunn, Chris Harvey, Gerald Foggie, JD Huff.

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