Storms wreak havoc in Laurens County

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Sections of Laurens County suffered significant damage after a string of violent storms ripped through the area just after 4pm on Sunday. Early estimates clock winds near 100 mph. 

The first tornado warning came around 4:10pm and the second warning was in effect until 5:15pm. Reports indicate that a tornado and possibly a micro-burst touched down in various parts of Laurens County. The National Weather Service has not indicated if a tornado did touch down.

The damaging storm rolled through Mountville first, knocking down trees and inflicting severe damage to a former residence on Teague Rd. According to a witness, the residence has not been occupied in several years. Tin from the roof of the residence was ripped off and blown across the road.

Town and Country Trailer Park at Curry Rd. and Rocky Springs Church Rd. suffered damage from one of the storms. One trailer was completely destroyed, leaving just debris. Another trailer was flipped over onto another trailer. Several other trailers were damaged by the storm.

Laurens CPW was at the Town and Country Trailer Park assessing damage so as to restore power as quickly as possible. According to the LCSO, one person was injured during at that location. 

The most significant damage in the county was from I-385 to I-26. Trees and power lines were down and there was significant structural damage to homes, barns and other structures. Laurens Livestock had damage to siding and street signs were bent over at I-385 and Hwy. 49.

Laurens Academy suffered damage to siding on the two-story building that houses the gymnasium. They also experienced damage to their playground, baseball field, softball field and football field. The school announced on Sunday night that classes are cancelled for Monday.

A home between Laurens Academy and I-385 had multiple downed trees and a power line across their driveway. The residence also appeared to have severe roof damage and a structure destroyed beside the home.

Reports indicate damage near Hwy. 308 at Hwy. 49 in the Sandy Springs area and further out Hwy. 49 near I-26.  


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