Phone audit yields big savings for Laurens County

Nov 14 Written by 

The much-debated phone audit conducted by Laurens County will pay dividends to the tune of approximately $73,000 in annual savings.

County Council heard a report on Tuesday night that the phone audit is now complete after weeks of reviewing phone bills and circuits. The audit was conducted by Spyglass, a telecom expense management consulting firm.

An eight-week process consisted of auditing every county department to look at their phone lines, data lines and wireless plans. At the conclusion of the audit, the county discontinued 32 lines, one circuit and adjusted 13 plans.

The adjustments made on phone lines and data lines added up to $62,423.16. That amount was paid to Spyglass for the phone audit and going forward, that will be a cost savings to the county.

The county’s telephone provider is now conducting a telecommunication traffic study to assess how the county can improve and better utilize the equipment already in place.

For wireless communications, department heads looked at plans and made cuts and adjustments that will save the county $10,656. Spyglass was not involved in auditing the wireless plans, so those savings go directly to the county.

The county is also going after money that was paid to AT&T for a data line that was supposed to have been disconnected. Preliminary audit reports in August indicated an AT&T data line that the county was paying $3,300 per month but had not been using since 1996. Those figures were inflated and now the county is attempting to recoup approximately $188,000 that was paid from 2005 to 2017.   

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