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How would you describe the level of “vibrancy” within your community?

In a recent informal survey, a majority of respondents characterized their neighborhood or community as being occasionally or somewhat vibrant. Interestingly, when asked to describe the level of vibrancy across the Upstate, the consensus was that the region is pretty or extremely vibrant. 

The competition is heating up as the Laurens Idol Top 16 took to the stage Thursday evening for the second live round.

Visitors take note – Self Regional Healthcare has added a new patient safety system to provide additional protection for women, babies and pediatric patients at Self Regional Medical Center.

A local church will welcome an Upstate bishop this weekend for a special service.

The Joanna Foundation is pleased to announce that residents of Laurens County needing medical services will soon benefit from a grant award.

The Laurens County Prevention Coalition has made significant strides in reinforcing the idea of “don’t drink and drive” and getting dangerous drivers off the road. Now, the group made up of agency, school and law enforcement representatives is exploring a new enforcement strategy to aid prosecutors.

Come out to the Scarlet Chord this week for a family-friendly concert and great meal.